Laser Labels

Laser Labels

HP, Xerox, Toshiba, Ricoh, OKI, Konica Minolta, Canon, Lexmark, and Brother are the leading brands of laser copiers and printers in business across USA and Canada. We have laser label sheets for these printers. Using laser label sheets with existing office laser label printers is a cost-effective way to print labels in house. We carry a wide variety of laser labels including Avery label sheets and other brands for specialty markets. We also have GHS BS5609-compliant sheet labels that can be printed using the office laser copiers and printers.

UniNet iColor 700, iColor 900 and NeuraLabel 600e, Oki / Afinia LT5C / NeuraLabel Sirius / QuickLabel QL-300 CMYK + White Tabletop are the leading providers of label printers using toner-based laser printer technology. We have label rolls for all of these toner-based laser label printers.

Many businesses and organizations print their own labels using laser label printers from manufacturers like UniNet, NeuraLabel, OkiData, and Afinia. These printers offer fast, high volume color or monochrome label printing, making it important to have a supply of high quality blank labels on hand engineered for the demands of laser printing.

Because laser printers generate heat, only certain label materials and adhesives are compatible. In addition, there are several types of laser technologies in use today including LED laser. Sector Nine offers laser labels for these different technologies, engineered for specific laser label printers including:

  • UniNet 700 / iSys Label 750 Edge Labels
  • NeuraLabel 600e Labels
  • Oki / Afinia LT5C / NeuraLabel Sirius / QuickLabel QL-300 CMYK + White Tabletop Labels

These labels are available at ScanSource.

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