Blank Inkjet Labels

Business that have purchased inkjet color label printers from Epson, Primera, Afinia, or VIPColor all need a continuous supply of blank inkjet labels for their business. Customers with in-house label production capabilities require a reliable source of blank labels. You can offer high quality inkjet labels engineered for modern inkjet technologies, thereby ensuring satisfaction and generating recurring revenue.

Inkjet labels come in a variety of materials with varying characteristics including: matte and glossy paper labels and tags, matte and glossy polypropylene labels, GHS BS5609 chemical labels, and metallic, white, and clear polyester labels, and more. We also have inkjet-printable name tags, wristbands, horticulture tags. Tags are available without an adhesive backing while labels have adhesive.

Inkjet labels and tags are available as sheet labels, on label rolls, and in fan-folded stacks in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Both die-cut and continuous inkjet labels are available.

While there are many generic inkjet labels on the market, matching the label materials and characteristics to the inkjet technology and ink type being used leads to optimal results. We take it even further by matching them to specific printer models including:

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